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Earn points and money by participating in our Missions.
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With PiniOn you can have a profitable and unique experience by participating in Surveys anytime, anywhere. Here your opinion has value, participate and win!

PiniOn Facts

+ 40.000.000

Answered questions

+ 260.000

Registered users

+ 2.000.000

Missions completed


"I give my opinion about a product or service and I still get paid to do so. It's fun and also helps to improve the services of the places I usually go"


"I have been a User of the App for less than 4 months and I've already made more than 200,00, I still have a balance of 70,00... I'm only waiting for new Missions so I'm able to withdraw more money!"

Wilson Augusto

"I love to participate in the Mystery Consumer Missions. Besides saving good money, the places are amazing!"



Frequently Asked Questions

To join PiniOn you just need to install the App using one of the links below, after installing, just Sign up for free!

iPhone -

Android -

After creating the account, select the Missions you want to participate in, read each Mission instruction very carefully and then, wait for the validation of your responses. When we approve your Mission, the balance and the points will be automatically transferred to your profile ;-)

When you open the App, you will be redirected to the Login/Sign up screen.

It's necessary to create an account to participate in the Missions, Signing up is quick and will only be necessary the first time you access the App!

Besides the regular Sign up, you can also use your Facebook account information, both ways are easy, so pick which one is more comfortable for you! :)

It's very easy to join PiniOn, the membership is free and you can create your account with an Email address or by connecting with Facebook! However, you must keep in mind that there are some specific criteria so we can validate your participation on the App, as listed below:

  • Being over 18 years old.
  • Possessing a current bank account or a savings account or a national PayPal account in your own membership (we do not allow redemptions to third-party accounts, even if they are related to the User);
  • Owning a smartphone with these minimum requirements: The Android 4.0 system OR an iPhone 4S or higher;
  • Having an Internet Data Plan for your mobile;
  • Not being previously registered on the system (we only allow ONE account per person and its use is exclusive and restricted to the owner);

If you want more information about the requirements or any other topics of the App, send a message to [email protected]

It's possible to withdraw money on PiniOn via bank transfer (in the amount of R$30,00 or more) or via PayPal (in the amount of R$20,00 or more).

Remember: It's not possible to withdraw parts of your balance (all withdrawals are total) and it's not possible to transfer amounts to the App.

For more information access:

In case the answer to your question is not here, we suggest our Official Support Channel:FAQ Suporte

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