Last update February 5th, 2013

This Privacy Policy offers a deep and detailed explanation about the personal data and information provided by the User and the information we will be able to collect and use when the User connects to PiniOn and participates in our Missions. Read carefully before using the App or submitting any personal information.

For this Policy purpose, it will only be considered as “User” a Natural Person who have downloaded and registered in the App, as determined in the Terms of Use.

Thinking of establishing a trustworthy relationship with the Users, PiniOn adopts an ethical and responsible attitude when dealing with the information received, transmitted, used and stored, as established in the present Privacy Policy. The use of this App implicates in the immediate acceptance of all of the following Terms and Conditions.


The use of the App implies the consent of the User for the collecting of data, storage and use of all the personal, registration and access information provided, as well as the opinions received through the completed Missions, or any other forms of interaction with PiniOn.

To provide certain information and services available in the App to the Users, PiniOn requires personal information, such as full name, address, city, state, zip code and the CPF (equivalent to the Social Security Number), amongst other data (“Data”).

The registration of new Users on PiniOn is intended not only to create an interaction between the two parts, but also the administration, management, extension and improvement of the App. This way, PiniOn uses this data for the customization of services such as identification of the content sent by the User, personalization of the accessed content and answering to requests, improving the services provided, User touchpoints, etc.

PiniOn collects the information that the brands use to develop new products/services and to understand in a better way the habits and needs of the consumer. When the User is logged in the App, personal information is requested, he/she will be sharing this information only with PiniOn, unless it is specifically declared otherwise. If the data is been collected and/or maintained by a different company other than PiniOn, the User will be notified before the collection and transference of the data and personal information.

We collect all types of information with our App. Some of the personal info is gathered when the User Sign up. During the Sign up process, PiniOn requests your name, Email address, gender, age, residence info, work info, interests and personal characteristics. The more information the User provides (and the more precise they are), the better we will personalize their experience.

Besides the Sign up information, with the consent of the User, PiniOn receives and automatically saves information about the software and hardware of your device, including your IP address, browser type, operating system and Geolocalization.

Your personal information is protected by a password. We recommend that you do not share your password with anyone. Although we use high security measures to protect the loss, abuse and data alteration, we cannot guarantee one hundred percent the safety, once the data is on the internet. After receiving your data, we will do everything in our power to keep it safe in our systems, but in the case of an event that escapes from our field of activity, we cannot be held responsible.

You can access your member account at any time using Email and password. In case you forget the password, you can request the exchange directly through the App.

Before canceling a User’s account, we send notifications to explain the procedures in order to remain an active member of the App. PiniOn reserves the right to cancel a member’s account and block the access if any of the obligations of participation from the general Terms and Conditions are not met.

Even after canceling your account, PiniOn reserves the right to maintain the registration of some of the data such as personal information, access history, Email history (in case the User have contacted our support team), messages left on our Website or your anonymous answers in the completed Missions.


We understand that “Content” is all the data generated by the User, also known as user-generated content, audience-generated content, consumer-generated content, media generated by the User. The term “media generated by the User” refers to several kinds of content that are created by the final User.
When using PiniOn, this User generated content can be an opinion, answers to a Survey, comments, photos, rating, monitoring, amongst other things.

All the content generated by the User inside the App will be used by PiniOn, its clients and Partners for the following purposes:

  • Advertising Campaigns.
  • Promotional Actions.
  • Surveys of behavior, ethnographic, trends, market, field, competition and customer satisfaction.
  • Consumer habits.
  • Monitoring of the prices, products, services, stock, planogram (the placement of the products on the shelves) and points of sale (POS).
  • Monitoring of promotional actions, campaigns and brands.
  • Mystery consumer.
  • Rating products and services.

You will give and grant the copyright of the generated content to PiniOn, being PiniOn the owner of this content. Furthermore, the copyrights and the rights of use granted to PiniOn are exclusive, which means that you can no longer use the generated content as you like, being so, the utilization of the content by third-parties will not be allowed without PiniOn’s consent.

Pinion’s (Terms of Use) foresee the permission to use any content generated by the User, where the cost of the acquisition of the copyright to this content is directly connected to the value of the Mission performed by the User. All the content sent by the Users go through an evaluation process, during this process the content will only be considered as PiniOn’s property if approved in our validation process.

Although it may seem an extremely vast copyright, PiniOn operates with a large number of services and these are the standard terms that cover a wide variety regarding types of content generated by the Users for different purposes. PiniOn needs the copyrights in order to use the content generated by the User, as proposed. The terms also foresee that PiniOn can sublicense the content generated by the Users to third-parties, such as partners and customers.

In case you send or share any content with PiniOn (including text, photos, graphics, video or audio) you will give and grant to PiniOn the copyrights of this work, ensuring the exclusivity of its use to PiniOn.

In general, PiniOn will maintain its content for the necessary amount of time in order to answer to the necessity for which it was submitted, some projects may have a shorter duration, others can be longer and so on until they become permanent.

All the content generated by the users has a remuneration attached to it, the amount paid by the content is directly and automatically linked to the amount of the Mission completed by the User.


Taking in consideration that PiniOn might form partnerships with third-parties, and that, eventually, these parties might collect User information like IP addresses, browser specification, operating systems, Geolocation and mobile devices. These terms and conditions do not apply to the personal information provided to third-parties neither to the way they store and use it.

We do not collect User data without the authorization and consent of the User. The Users will always be notified about the information that is being collected and will have total awareness about the consequences of their decisions, for which they are fully responsible for.

PiniOn does not provide personal data collected from the Users to third-parties, except for the information provided by the User during a Mission. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we can transfer your data to third-parties in case PiniOn incorporates another company or gets acquired by it. In this case, PiniOn will notify the Users regarding the alterations before the transference of the personal information happens, in this case, a new Privacy Policy will take place.

PiniOn utilizes the information from each profile without identifying them individually to third-parties. This is done with the purpose of determining how many people on the network have participated in a Mission and to trace statistics from the profile of the participating Users.

PiniOn reserves the right to answer the webmail messages sent by the Users and collect the information contained therein to solve subsequent issues of the App, by sending this information to other Users. The Users must be aware that third-parties may read the content of these messages, that’s why PiniOn suggests that no personal information, wished to be kept confidential, is sent via webmail.

PiniOn reserves the right to retain information for the period deemed necessary for the proper performance of their business, even after the account is closed by the User.

These are the values we referred to regarding the User Privacy:

You control your privacy
Only what you want will appear on your public profile, and so on with the messages that PiniOn sends you via Email.

Your participation in the Surveys
Your participation in the Surveys is one hundred percent anonymous and the data of your Survey profile will always be safely stored.

For what do we use your information?
We use your information to define groups of people within each study, so we can personalize the communication between you and PiniOn and send you future Missions.

When it comes to safety, we have an advanced technology, mostly against hackers. We never share your personal information, unless we are allowed to.


The Users are civilly and criminally responsible for the veracity of the data and information provided to PiniOn, as well as their compromise to update this information when necessary, not being the responsibility of PiniOn to verify and update the identity, authenticity or veracity of any information provided by the Users.

The User, from now on, declares to be aware that PiniOn takes no responsibility in case of theft, loss, alteration or misuse of your personal information and the content as a whole, including in the event of information provided to third-party service providers.

The Users, from now on, recognize that PiniOn does not take any responsibility regarding User behavior. This way, the Users will have the obligation of, in case PiniOn, its administrators, partners or employees may be called to answer judicially or extrajudicially by the practice of unlawful and/or illegal action by using the App, exempt PiniOn, its administrators, partners or employees from any responsibility, as well as to request their exclusion of the process, if necessary, as well as to reimburse them for any expense, cost or loss that they may incur, including but not limited to, indemnity, court costs and/or legal fees.


We may disclose User information pursuant to lawful requests, such as notifications or court orders, or under applicable laws. We do not reveal any information until we are sure about the source of the request, according to a judge or private litigants, being in compliance with the applicable legal standards. In addition, we are permitted to share an account or other information when deemed necessary to comply with the law, to protect our interests and properties, to prevent fraud or other illegal action performed through PiniOn services or by the use of PinOn’s name, or to prevent imminent injury. This could include sharing information with other companies, lawyers, agents or government agencies.

PiniOn adopts security levels within the legal requirements for the protection of the User data. However, it’s important that the Users are aware that by the internet’s own nature and characteristics, we cannot ensure the privacy and safety while using the App and its services regarding the other Users and third-parties, there is always the risk that unauthorized third-parties obtain, in some way, information about our User’s data.



PiniOn does not collect or request personal information from anyone that is under 18 years old. If you are under 18 years old, please, do not try to Sign up. In case a minor tries to Sign up, we will see their removal as soon as possible.


We reserve the right to change, correct or update any information about our Policy Privacy at any time, without previous warning.
This Privacy Policy may be updated periodically by PiniOn, the changes will always be published on this page and if the changes are significant, we will put a more prominently warning, including for certain services we will provide Email notification of the changes in the Privacy Policy.

The prohibition, invalidity or unenforceability of any disposition in this instrument will not invalidate or affect the same as a whole, and should remain in force all other provisions hereof which are not affected by the prohibition, invalidity or unenforceability of the inoperative clause.

We elect the (foro da Comarca de São Paulo) State of São Paulo, as the sole jurisdiction to resolve any disputes arising from this instrument, regardless of any other as privileged as it is or may be.

We adopt important measures to ensure that PiniOn usage is a pleasant experience and that your privacy is respected. In case you have any doubts, comments or any concerns about our privacy practices, send an Email to [email protected].